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Servicing & Repair

There is nothing worse than turning on your air conditioner on a hot day to learn that your unit is not working. Our team of qualified technicians are on hand to make sure your unit is kept well maintained and operational.

A/C Servicing

Scheduled servicing is the best way to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioner. During regular use of an air conditioner, dust in the air builds up on the fins of the evaporator coil. This will restrict the air flow through the unit and reduce the cooling efficiency. Dust and mold can also build up in the condensate drain which can lead to the unit leaking water if left untreated.  

During an air conditioner service, we remove the cover of the air handler, and spray the evaporator coil with a coil cleaner which breaks down the dirt between the fins. We then rinse the coil with water to remove the chemical and flush out the condensate drain. If necessary we will use compressed gas to blow out the condensate drain. The air conditioner cover and filters are washed and then reinstalled. Finally we check the refrigerant pressures in the unit and note any suspected future issues with the unit.

Fixing an Air Conditioner
Hands Repairing Air Conditioner

A/C Repair

Leaning your air conditioner has broken on a hot day is a frustrating situation, made worse by a long wait time for repairs. At AC Barbados our team of technicians can provide quick diagnostics and repair options to minimize your units down time. We keep a comprehensive stock of air conditioner parts to ensure our customers units can be repaired in the shortest time.   

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